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Apple Center Jakarta vs Apple Genius Bar November 1, 2008

More than 1 year using Macbook, I already become Apple fans and have influenced many people to use and fall in love to Apple products. Wondering why Apple Store never open in Jakarta, but it’s okay because we have many authorized reseller with good product display, good product knowledge and good service.

One thing that I think Apple really need to have is their GENIUS BAR in Jakarta. Why? Because their one and only Apple Center is not up to Apple standard, in my humble opinion as a new Apple fans. It’s not because their location is in Ratu Plaza (one of the oldest mall in Jakarta) that have a limited parking space, and it’s not because the interior is so bad (look at the picture below) but…..

but the staff is very rude.

Actually the girl at the reception is very nice, when I came yesterday evening with my Macbook having problem on the Network button after I download new Java for Mac OS X 10.4 release 7 and Security Update 2008-007 (intel) from my routine automated weekly software update. I came to the dealer but they don’t know how to solve and they said the only place to visit is the Apple Centre (Authorized Service Provider) at Ratu Plaza 3rd Floor.

So, after they look through my Macbook, the technician said that I need to re-install my Macbook. It’s ok with me since I’ve already back-up my data. I thought it will took 2 hours for this service but since they were busy they said I should come again the next day at 12.00 Noon.

Although I used to use my Macbook every night but okay since this place is the only place to go, I agree to leave my Macbook and come again next day.

But today, when I came around 3PM… I’m so surprised that they haven’t done anything with my Macbook and when I’m so angry, the (different) technician said that they were busy and is it possible if I come again tomorrow?

Can you imagine he even dare to ask that question? plus he ask me whether I bring my original CD from my Macbook. “No one ask me to come and bring CD, I supposed to come at 12 Noon to pick up my Macbook, so I want it today..!!!”

“I you angry like that, I might don’t want to do it…. there were so many items need to be fix” he said angrily to me… Wow, I said to myself it’s not my problem you have so many Apple products to fix (btw, makes me wondering whether Apple products have so many problems??? because ever since I used it I have heard very minimum complaint about Apple products.

The technician just left me with no further info. I have to ask the girl at the reception to check on the technician how long I should wait? Finally, I found out i will take 2 hours to re-install it. I went back home and 1 hour later, the reception called inform me that my Macbook done already. I have to go to Ratu Plaza again, find parking space again (my driver off during Sat-Sun) to get my lovely Macbook.

I’m dreaming to have Apple Genius Bar in Jakarta…. When you have questions or need hands-on technical support for your Mac, iPod, Apple TV, or iPhone, you can get FRIENDLY, expert advice at the Genius Bar in any Apple Retail Store. When? Only Steve Jobs knows…


20 Responses to “Apple Center Jakarta vs Apple Genius Bar”

  1. meltje Says:

    yessshhhh the Apple Genius Bar is kool…. very helpful too… if you still have probs with ur MacBook lemme know i’ll send u my mate’s number – hopefully he’s more helpful than those idiots at Ratu Plaza!!!

  2. ariansyah Says:

    btw, apple center sudah diganti dgn apple reseller premium. memang di indonesia harusnya sudah ada apple store.

    next time kalau ada masalah dgn produk apple, call gw aja bos…

  3. Budi JX'L Says:

    oi Mas… 🙂 I think I recognise the pic hehehe… That’s why even a technician need a psychotest hehe.. :-p

  4. Michael Says:

    apple service center di ratu plaza yang lantai 3 itu kan estore, dulu gw juga pernah mengalami kejadian yang ngak enak.

    Udah tempat kaya gudang, service nya juga 2nd rate 😦

  5. doctoradhi Says:

    hehehe.. it’s really a hurtful experience, especially when it is related with the most loveable macbook. I did have one experience when I had my macbook’s HD crashed, and the worst thing was I lost ALL my data.
    So, I wish your posting will come to Steve Jobs desk, and hopefully he will instruct the Asia Pacific Apple team to build one Apple Premium Reseller Store (a.k.a Apple Genius Bar)

  6. applecrispy Says:

    Udah pernah ke ibox : ? servicenya ok.

  7. Inge Sundoko Says:

    customer oriented value nya dapet nilai zero tuh… jangan2 udah biasa dimarah2in malah jadi “cool”

  8. wah, kalo eStore sih yang bisa diandalkan itu namanya Bibin, tapi itu juga dengan catatan kalo udah lumayan kenal. gw beli mac 4 taun yg lalu ama dia, lalu sekarang kalo ada apa2 dengan macbook gw (beli di tempat lain) tetap mau nerima sih dia. tapi ya itu, jaringan frontman secara formalnya emang gak bagus eStore. mendingan iBox ya (IMO)

  9. hdn Says:

    iStore, Apple center di Poin Square pelayanannya jauh lebih oke dan paripurna. Pemiliknya namanya Oom Subiyanto, super ramah dan baik hati. Coba ke sana deh.


  10. sebenarnya di Ratu Plaza juga banyak Authorized Reseller dan ramah2 namun masalah yang kemarin mereka belum ngerti, jadi saya di sarankan ke Ratu Plaza lt. 3 tersebut karena Apple Center nya disana.

    well thanks for all the comments… sekarang saya banyak pilihan kalau Macbook saya rusak 😉

  11. Budi Says:

    Kalau di Ratu Plaza IMHO lebih baik ke iBox yang persis di sebelah 1st Computer Square , karena service center mereka lebih bagus.

  12. Aldi Says:

    WTF??? so we do not have a genius bar in Jakarta? not even one??? What should I do if I have some questions regarding to my mac?

  13. yes… sad but true… there is no genius bar 😦

    you have questions… you go the Apple Reseller Outlet… actually I Like to go to cPalm (one of the reseller) but this time it’s a new problem for them… so they refer me to this place in Ratu Plaza… that’s the only place in Jakarta with the title Authorized Service Provider

    We thought that if we go the Authorized Service Provider then they must be updated with all the problem happen with your Mac

    Oh… if just we have Genius Bar here in Jakarta… even only One…

  14. Lilin Says:

    SOS,i need to service my mac book,any profesional service centre near by kelapa gading?

  15. ice Says:

    bought an iPod shuffle 3rd gen at eStore Ratu Plaza..
    and I got a broken earphone.. The control at the earphone sometimes won’t work..
    arghh.. >.<

    • first of all, pls visit soalnya yang ini sudah tidak update lagi…

      me too… i bought iPhone earphone and somehow only the left earphone is working… 😦 and we don’t have genius bar here in Jakarta 😦

  16. yudi Says:

    Tolong doong….service center buat iphone dimana ya ? Pny gw tiba2 mati nih…ga bisa nyala udh di charge lama juga….inform ya..thx

  17. ramondeadly Says:

    klo service ipod touch yg brmasalah pda colokan bwt mp3ny d estore ato ibox pk garansi bsa ga yah ?

  18. ramondeadly Says:

    kalo service ipod msi garansi gratis ga? hhe

  19. putri Says:

    saya setuju dengan hdn. istore di poins square (om subi dan tante juni) dari segi pelayanan, harga, dan utk service sangat memuaskan. saya udah langganan dari 3 tahun yang lalu, dr ipod, macbook white sampe ganti ke macbook pro. sering kasih bonus utk customer loyalnya 😀

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