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I am Legend December 28, 2007

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I just watch this movie few days ago. It was a great movie, great act, good to see something you’ve never seen before (i’ve been to nyc but seeing the city fallin’ apart? see the movie poster of Superman and Batman become one movie?) and it was unpredicted. Well, I don’t wanna end up tell the story, in case many of you haven’t watch the movie… you better be fast, it’s better to watch it in the movie theatre… with all the sound effects.

But, the songs from Bob Marley still running in my head… it was a good ‘hook’ repeated several times in the movie.

In that movie, Dr. Neville (Will Smith) mentioned regarding Bob Marley’s quotes saying something like “Music can bring peace to many races” and now we can see many bands having multi races in a band (last one that i saw, was Mika [UK] live performance in Hongkong and his bassist is Korean)

We can see many people from all over the world gather around during Glastonbury (UK), Big Day Out (Australia) and many other music festivals to celebrate music in togetherness.

In Indonesia, I even can say “Creative Technology has brought peace in Indonesian youngster”

Yup, all the gadgets, the gaming consoles and the social networking sites has made Indonesian youngster busy until they don’t have time to fight anymore. According to my friend, Yongky from Nielsen on the last Indonesian Marketing Forum 07, the only crime that showing decrease in numbers is student fights. All other crime has increased in Indonesia, but student fights reduced.

When I was a teenager, most of newspaper and magazine always covered the student fights. Maybe because there’s nothing really interesting for young students to do those days… skipping schools and go to the malls? I did ;-p

We are entering the 2008 very soon. It’s time enhance technology and create positive impact for others in 2008.

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