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Blackberry Makes Me Invisible September 3, 2008

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Dyna, my lovely secretary sekarang manggil saya Invisible Boss, “Kalau dulu di Hard Rock he’s busy like crazy, sekarang aku malah hampir gak pernah ketemu… karena dia di luar terus” tutur Dyna yang juga secretary saya waktu di Hard Rock Cafe dulu, sekarang ikutan juga di OMG Creative Consulting.

Sebagai konsultan, memang ternyata lebih enak kerja mobile, pindah dari satu cafe to another cafe, from one mall to another mall, meet lots of people… see many different things… Apalagi setelah memakai Blackberry (Thanks to XL who introduce me to BB) everything seems more easier to handle out of the office.

Sekarang saya hanya check sedikit email from my Macbook, maklum email-email pendek sudah saya cek di BB setiap saya di mobil atau setiap ada waktu luang… padahal awalnya saya tidak terlalu suka cek email setiap saat… I like to check email once a day… but hey… time change… technology makes you check your email frequently.

But the best thing for me is the google sync application that wirelessly connected to my google calendar, so automatically every 2 hours. No cable and my schedule always updated all the way from Dyna in the office in Permata Hijau.

Gila ya Google can’t stop innovate….!!